Free Tandem Rides

“The Booty Loop” – parking available at Corner of Hopedale and Providence Road (The Booty Loop is a 2.97 mile circle down the prettiest streets in Charlotte) Location Map
6:00 PM
Open to Everyone
What to bring:
Bike Helmet. Cycling shoes and pedals optional.
Dwight McKnight @ or 704-364-0730

During Bike!Charlotte come out and ride a tandem and see what tandem riding is all about. Members of the TailWind Tandem Club will be available to ask questions, give you a chance to ride with a dedicated Captain around the Booty Loop, be a Captain and ride with your own Stoker on a tandem provided. A free event to see if tandem riding is for you.

Why A Tandem? What one change could you make to revitalize your health, relationships, and sense of well-being? Believe it or not, the answer could be a tandem bicycle. If you are a single road biker and want to see what tandem riding is all about, come out and join our group on a ride and see the added fun that you could be enjoying.

The world on a tandem. People actually smile when they see you. It’s rather romantic ~ whether riding across town or around the globe, the universal acceptance of couples on tandems means everyone, including strangers, becomes uncommonly friendly.

Captain and Stoker. The Captain is responsible for the stoker's comfort (calling bumps) and safety. If the Captain doesn't look out for the Stoker you're better off on two singles. Stop when the Stoker wants to stop, shift when the Stoker wants to shift, walk when the Stoker wants to walk. Take lots of "butt breaks." Make sure the Stoker has a good time! Do yourself a favor and never dump the bike with the Stoker on it.

Communicate your needs to each other. Remember that safety requires coordinated decisions about starting, stopping, steering, standing, etc., be communicated. Compromise extends to details such as cadence since it must be the same for each. Negotiate if need be…but make your adventures fun and safe.

WHY WOULDN’T YOU WANT TO RIDE A TANDEM? Come join us….see why you would want to tandem ride.

Location Map

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